Services We Provide
Auction Setup
Highest Price for
YOUR items
Lowest cost to YOU
Clean UP
Full Service from
start to finish
We are a full service Auction business.  We will handle all
your auction needs from start to finish.  Our crew will box up
your items, set up for the best possible viewing and handle
all your items with care.  We will get the best prices for all
your items at the lowest price around!
At Ogden Auto Sales, we strive to get the best vehicles at the lowest
prices and pass that savings onto our customers.  We offer
warranties on all vehicles at very low prices from 3 months up to 48
months.  We can put a warranty on vehicle
up to 200K miles .  If you
don't see on our lot what you are looking for, let us know and we will
work with you to get the auto of your choice.  We are a no pressure
auto company!
Ogden Realty & Auction
We will also auction your property for you, making it easier for you
to sell faster and your home the AUCTION WAY, give us a call.  
Selling your home, property, etc the auction way not only
the customers to you on the day.of the auction (which you
decided the day), but it also sells your property in most
cases on that day.  This allows you to sell your property
without having to list it for 6 months the conventional way.   

We have a 98% success rate of selling homes, land, real
estate - and have auctioned it for more than the seller was
hoping to get!!!

Give us a call @580-254-3697 or my cell 580-284-4618.  I will
be happy to talk to you about the auction process.  We are a
YOU are in contro.

MJ (Jr) Ogden
Best vehicle - at lowest cost to YOU
Warranties available at lowest possible cost to YOU
We are particular on what vehicle we sell to you, our
We have been in business since 1987
We have built a reputation for quality vehicles at
affortable prices..
Ogden Auto Sales
Our Services Offered
We advertise locally, area and on the internet to
make your home visible to all prospective buyers.
We work WITH YOU in
getting the HIGHEST  price
for sale of your real estate,
etc at auction


to sell you the best quality
vehicle you want at  the
LOWEST price

Give us a call, you will not
be disappointed you did!